Audio Note DAC Kit 1.1
Digital-to-Analog Converter

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NOTE: The DAC Kit 1.1 has now been replaced by the improved DAC Kit 2.0.
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AudioNote has been providing finished product DAC's and kit's for several years now. All use the Audio Note 1x oversampling strategy and this contributes to their crystal clear and unfatiguing sound! The DAC 1.1 Kit has been a popular product for several years for audiophiles - We provide the kit with an assembled and tested Digital PCB - This ensures first time build success!

Back of the chassis showing inputs and outputs

The DAC Kit 1.1 is a stereo digital to analogue converter using Audio Note 1 X over sampling techniques. This configuration in our opinion has proven to be musically superior to other over sampling methods. The kit uses the well proven Crystal CS8412CP input receiver, and the DAC chip is the Analog Devices 20 bit AD1865N. The tube output stage uses a single 12AU7A / ECC82 as a common cathode amplifier which provides voltage gain to allow the DAC Kit 1.1 to be used with any active preamplifier,and some passive preamplifiers.

The Dac Kit 1.1 is housed in a full sized steel chassis (11 3/4W x 5 1/4H x 15 3/4D) finished in black textured powder coat, and a 3/16" brushed aluminum face plate, anodized natural colour, with a satin finish. The DAC Kit 1.1 is shipped with a pre-assembled and tested digital PCB, and all other parts required to complete the kit. A comprehensive assembly manual is included with step by step instructions.

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Dac Power Supply Board

Digital Board that comes ready assembled

Inside the DAC Kit 1.1

What customers are saying about the DAC Kit 1.1

"I just have to tell you that the dac kit is wonderful ... I've used it and tested it for some time now and it just thrills me so much.. I have compared it to several much more expensive dac's and the dac kit is yet another bargain from you!!!"

"I finally finished the kit tonight. It sounds amazing!" "Its as good as the reviews have described; much better than my old system which I thought was pretty good and better than most that I've heard in audio stores. Like the reviews say, it sounds very "analogue- like". I've never heard DACs in the $2000+ range but I'm understanding that this is in that ballpark."
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