Audio Note DAC Kit 2.0
Digital-to-Analog Converter - successor to the DAC Kit 1.1

Click here if you are unsure about what a DAC is or its role in your hi-fi system.

The DAC Kit 2.0 is our introduction to high-end DAC's. We have taken the best of the original DAC Kit 1.1 - added many enhancements and options and brought the product up into the DAC2 Kit series - Along with our large DAC chassis is the optional USB input.

The DAC Kit 2.0 now contains NO digital or analog filtering - just pure 1xOversampling resulting in crystal clear, warm and unfatiguing sound! We provide the kit with an assembled and tested Digital PCB - This ensures first time build success!

The DAC Kit 2.0 is a stereo digital to analogue converter using Audio Note 1X over sampling techniques. This configuration in our opinion has proven to be musically superior to other over sampling methods. The kit uses the well proven Crystal CS8414 input receiver, and the DAC chip is the Analog Devices 20 bit AD1865N. The tube output stage uses a single 12AU7A / ECC82 as a common cathode amplifier which provides voltage gain to allow the DAC Kit 2.0 to be used with any active preamplifier, and some passive preamplifiers.

Being housed in the same chassis type as its big brother the DAC Kit 2.1, it is now possible to progressively upgrade the DAC Kit 2.0 all the way up to the mighty DAC Kit 2.1 Level C with transformer coupled output!

What customers are saying about the DAC Kit 2.0

"I cannot believe how it has transformed the sound of my CDs. It is hard for a non HI FI mag journalist to put into words - much clearer yet mellower I am hearing things I was never aware of before but mostly I am hearing things and now I know what they are"

What was in many cases before was just a "sound" a "noise" an amalgam of instruments is now an organ and a string section or a this with a that. The biggest compliment I can pay is that my wife who on one memorable occasion when asked if she would like to abandon NCIS on the tele to see my progress so far (my system is in our loft space) asked why would she want to come up and see "a lot of mouldy old wires" was reduced to saying WOW WOW WOW in genuine amazement, when listening to Jennifer Warnes "Famous Blue Raincoat".

Anthony Prickett

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