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Our range of ANK Audiokits have proven to be so popular that they are now available from other sources throughout the world for your convenience. This has been done to help us to keep our pricing structures keen throughout the world as well as speed up delivery and support response times.

Please refer to the list below to find a dealer in your area.

North America, Canada, and the rest of the world if not mentioned below
AudioNote Kits

Website: www.audionotekits.com
Telephone: 613 822 7188
E-Mail: audionotekits@rogers.com

Digitalpete (Peter Fulton)

Website: www.digitalpete.net
Telephone: 240 441 7846
E-Mail: petfulton@comcast.net

Digitalpete is now our authorized build, repair and upgrade center for American customers. Feel free to contact him for discussions regarding upgrades to current kits, build services and general advice.

Tobias Beal

Website: www.audiobuilder.ca
Telephone: 613-454-5800
E-Mail: tobias@audiobuilder.ca

Tobias is our authorized build, repair and upgrade center for Canadian customers. He works behind the scenes at AudioNoteKits and has a lot of experience with all technical aspects of the product line. Feel free to contact Tobias for Kit related services/advise if you are based in Canada!

Aural Designs

Website: http://www.aural-designs.com
Telephone: +65 6339 0134
Contact: Victor PeH
E-Mail: adesigns@singnet.com.sg

Sherif El Kady

Telephone: +2011-160-5554
E-Mail: audionote.egypt@gmail.com


Website: http://www.audiokit.it
Telephone/fax: +39 06/
E-Mail: info@audiokit.it

Acoustic Dimension

Website: http://www.acoustic-dimension.com
Telephone: +31 15 8892700
E-Mail: info@acoustic-dimension.com

Audio Nostalgia

Website: http://www.audionostalgia.se
Telephone: +46 (0) 707 695 107
E-Mail: info@audionostalgia.se

United Kingdom
Hi-Fi Collective

Website: http://www.hificollective.co.uk
Telephone: +44 1908 217202
E-Mail: info@hificollective.co.uk