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ANK Audiokits HE-6 Headphone Amplifier
9W of CLASS A EL84 designed to drive the HIFIMAN HE-6 Headphones

 ANK Audiokits is now providing a World Class Headphone Amplifier for HIFIMAN HE-6 Planar Magnet Headphones in DIY form! 


ANK Audiokits is proud to announce the new HE-6 Headphone Amplifier. This pure CLASS A 9W EL84 based amplifier with Triple C-core output transformers has been designed specifically to drive the 50 ohm load of the world famous HIFIMAN HE-6 Headphone which incorporates its own proprietary planar magnetic technology.

The HIFIMAN HE-6 is considered by many to the worlds finest headphone without regard to price! HIFIMAN states in their documentation that a "powerful headphone amplifier" is needed to drive it.

Triple C-core Output Transformers

We custom designed a TRIPLE C-Core output transformer matched to the 50 ohm impedance requirement of the HE-6 and many other high end headphones.

It will work well driving any headphones up to 600 ohms.

Most headphone amplifiers on the market are solid state, and OTL or IE core. We have met the HE-6 challenge head-on with a pure EL84 tube design in pure CLASS A mode delivering 9 Watts of warm clean power through 2 x triple C-Core transformers for extended range and ultimate detail and finesse!

Switchable Operation Modes

This amplifier also boasts a speaker output designed for 4 or 8 ohm speaker loads which allows you to run a high efficiency set of book shelf speakers with 9W of CLASS A EL84!

A high quality Neutrik 1/4" headphone jack is situated on the front panel for ease of operation and there is a switch on the back to jump between speaker mode and headphone mode!

Pricing and Configuration

HE-6 Headphone Amplifier - C-Core Version $2,450(USD)

This, our most extreme configuration uses:

Triple C-core output transformers
Audio Note Tantalum Resistors
Audio Note Film Capacitors
Mundorf Mlytic Power Supply capacitor
High quality Neutrik 1/4" headphone jack

Available Now!

* Headphones not included  

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