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Newsletter Christmas, 2011

One of my fondest Christmas memories was as a 16 year old when my parents had come through for me on my " Christmas album list" and I spent Christmas day listening to all my new records ( and reading my new books which was a big deal then!) on their early 60's Harmon Kardon Citation tube power and Pre-amp! That was around 1976 - Staring at the snow outside in Canada and listening to all my new records - that was over 35 years ago! Often when I put on one of my now old vinyls it seems like just yesterday and I listen to all the intricate details on my system just as I did as a teenager! The years have passed and I now am lucky enough to share Christmas with my own family - Its unlikely I will be spending the day listening to records as I did in 1976 but the memories will always be with me!

Well its coming to the end of a long and exciting year at AudioNoteKits. A big thank you to all the new and existing customers who got involved with an AudioNote Kit in 2011. It's been our most extraordinary year to date and all I can say is we really cranked it up a few notches during 2011 on many fronts.

The year started off with the release of the L1 EL84 integrated amplifier - We always wanted to release an audiophile level integrated amplifier in a budget price range. Easy to build for the first time builder with that glorious 17Watts of EL84 CLASS AB sound. The product has been a success and we are shipping more & more units - Stay tuned for two new L1 Series Products coming in early 2012!!

And Rookie of the Year award goes to: "The Legend MonoBlocks" .Development on the Legend Series MonoBlocks started in Dec of 2010 and shown for the first time at the Capital AudioFest in July - but it was not til September that we were ready to release. Three customers purchased and were part of our official beta team - They helped us with the final tweaks on parts lists & manuals and all 3 had successful builds with amazing sound - In December we completed development on a new Mains transformer to support the single 2A3 and parallel 2A3 configurations .We are shipping our first 2A3 units in January! Reserved for the single tube purist- the Legend MonoBlocks for both popular Triodes provide endless flexibility!

We also made several enhancements to the Interstage MonoBlocks and released both the Legends and the Interstages with Copper insert plates! We also standardized on new high quality black CMC valve bases which are both stunning in quality, looks and durability. Both products have stunning looks now for the audiophile community.

You have probably noticed a lot of enhancements to the web site in 2011 with the new product browsers, high quality builds and photographs along with new graphical wiring diagrams available on the site - Eventually we plan to have all the manuals and Interwiring graphics on all the kit pages for customers to review! We have found the interwiring graphics as a wonderful add-on to the manual for a quick reference for correct wiring between modules! a great way to check over a kit during or at the end of a build - or if you need to revisit for trouble shooting or upgrading!

We updated both the L2 Line and L2 Line/Phono Kits - Both units come standard with our high quality DACT extender kit - And we are using the extender kit in the new L4 EL34 Integrated amplifier as well. All our extender kits for the selectors come with our own custom designed mounting bracket made of stainless steel for rock solid mounting!

THe L4 EL34 Power Amplifier was first released in 2009. It was our first venture into the more powerful Class AB amplifiers - it proved to be a success and this year we enhanced the kit with a new thick PCB and new power supply. At the same time we added a new 12au7 buffer stage to the amp and the new EL34i integrated version of the kit was born! The L4 EL34i has been a big seller in 2011 and I can see why - a one stop shop for 35W of smooth EL34 Power in an integrated package - just plug in your speakers and a CD player and away you go!

The DAC2.1A and DAC2.1B have been updated on the web site with stunning new pictures and allow for a modest investment to have a top of the line DAC. With offerings of DAC2.1A , DAC2.1B, DAC3.1 & DAC4.1 you can experience AudioNote digital and numerous price points! The DAC4.1 continued to be our ultimate Digital offering - and many happy customers have told us it was one of their finest audio investments! Stay tuned in 2012 for some exciting new DAC enhancements.Quite a few hi res customers were using our DAC's for 24/96 files with stunning results.

Also this year we started working with the Parts Connexion for signature parts upgrade - PCX has a wonderful reputation for stocking thousands of upgrade parts that they can ship out next day! Listed on their web site are all the upgrade kits which include tantalum resistors and copper caps and other upgrade goodies - they have priced up the packages and then provide a nice discount - so with a simple mouse click you can order the entire kit! Saves us having to stock thousands of dollars of upgrade parts when we have such a fantastic resource right in our own backyard!

And to finish off I can't forget the release of the L6 70W MonoBlocks in their final form - we went to a super solid PCB and 4 configurations to please each price point and provide a platform for upgrade - Ideal for the tube enthusiast looking for audiophile sonics and higher power! Check out the Standard, Deluxe1, and 2 versions along with our Premium Edition!

That's a lot of new product and enhancement in only 12 months!!!! - as you can see AudioNoteKits is really coming into its own!

Now that that is all said I would like to say that it has been an exciting journey this year in kit land and we hope to continue to enhance and grow in 2012 and bring you more mind blowing products! We welcome your feedback - In many ways the AudioNoteKits community has been responsible for guiding the ship over these 8 years by communicating with us and telling us what products you want to see and build! Thanks for being a part of this journey and look forward to chatting with you all again this coming year.

Come to think of it with all this new gear I may have to turn on the audio system on Christmas day - and dive into my old vinyl collection for another trip down memory lane! (I am not sure if my kids will appreciate my 70's rock collection so I may have to keep it short.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy holidays and look forward to an exciting 2012!

January 23, 2009

Kit1 Evolution

It's AudioNote Kits 5th Anniversary!! - Hard to believe from our humble beginnings where we are today. It was 5 years ago that I received a palette of AudioNote UK kit parts and we started the business - I remember digging through hundreds of parts to put together the first two kit1's ordered by US customers and I thought to myself - "Oh my goodness - here we go!" - First off I need to thank Peter Qvortrup - president of Audio Note who has always believed in the DIY community! Without his continuous support the kit business would not exist as we know it today - Peter mentioned to me once that he wanted to have "informed customers" - I guess when it comes to DIY we all learn something every time we get involved in building, tweaking and of course listening to our own creations!

By the way Peter Q wrote the original Kit1 manual, which guided hundreds of successful builds including my own first kit1! I still have a few original copies.

As you can see, the Kit1 has come a long way from those early days and now has a completely different look and vast upgrade potential. I am of course talking about our brand new, 5th Anniversary Kit1. This has several new features that make it stand out from all previous versions.

Click here for more information about the new Kit1.

Back to 2004...
When we started the business in Jan 2004 the website was just one page showing the Kit1 and the DAC 1.1 - Within a week we had a couple of orders and off we went! We had to redesign chassis's, source parts, build up prototypes, and build the website - as we expanded, the TODO list started to grow and then multiply exponentially. Over the first year we exchanged emails with hundred's of DIY'ers - many of them expressing their wish lists, enhancement requests and overall comments on the DIY industry - Subconsciously all this information seemed to get processed in our brains at AudioNoteKits and we started to tailor the products to the customer base - I am not quite sure how we did it but when I look back on the amazing array of products that we now have - I have to admit I feel very proud!

Obviously we learned a lot about manuals over these last few years - the original AudioNote UK manuals were in hardcopy format only and were mainly text. I remember in the first year of business going down to the local Office Depot and photocopying AN text manuals for the kits - Slowly we started to replace with new versions making use of digital photography and computer graphics programs - Today's manuals are chock-full of hundreds of digital color photos, along with color graphics representing wiring diagrams. We try and teach and explain to the builder what he is actually doing when he is wiring - whether its high power, filaments, grounds or signal path - We have checks along the way to ensure a successful first time build! As our expertise in manuals grew so did our photography and wiring skills! Today's website is also chock full of top quality pics of the kits.

Our DAC evolution has been interesting - We started the business with the last 10 DAC1.1 units from AudioNote UK in 2004- for the first 2-3 years of the business we simply listened to our customers - The requests poured in as customers wanted various tube output stages, tube rectified power supplies, IV transformers, digital filter removal, black gates and torrodial input transformers etc .etc... When we released the DAC2.1 Kit we put the whole kitchen sink in! Our most successful selling product! This year the C level version with transformer output has been released which has created a lot of excitement in the DIY community.

Here is the DAC Kit 2.1 Level C with its transformer coupled output. It is now possible to upgrade all the way from the DAC 2.0 (formally the DAC 1.1 but now in larger chassis), through all the DAC versions - all the way up to 2.1 Level C. Click here for more about our DAC range.

Our pre-amplifiers began life with "The Preamp Kit". Pre-amps, more than amplifiers seemed to be a particular obsession with the DIY customer base - everyone was looking for a top quality -- factory like - AN pre-amp - the original pre-amp kit served us well for the first year or so of business as we were getting our feet off the ground - the customer requests poured in - some built there own custom versions - today we offer a very high quality range of pre-amps from entry level to top of the line.

L2 Pre-amplifier

L3 Line Pre-amplifier

L3 Remote Pre-amplifier

I have personally always been a huge fan of vinyl - I was really excitied when as a customer I built the first pre-amp kit and used my kit1 to deliver a wonderful vinyl sound! When the kit business begain we developed the first standalone kit phono stage in 2005 - It was a take off from the original pre-amp kit - it got us started on the right road - today we have a fantastic line up of options for the vinyl crowd including the PHONO PCB option in the L2 pre-amp, -easy to build but using the same AN phono stage philosophy - the L3 standalone Phono stage - hardwired but easy to build also due to our special PCB and our step up transformer for Moving coil - today we offer a vinyl solution for the highest level audiophile & DIY'ers!


The addition of the Interstage Mono Blocks has been a big step for the company. My goal was to have a product that was very configurable for different tubes and parallel vs single triode - With the development of the IE core parallel 300b transformers in 2007 we can offer 20W of the ultimate single ended sound.

With the advent of the mono blocks we moved from single kit orders to entire systems comprising of the mono blocks along with an L3 pre-amplifier, DAC, phono stage and speakers! We have really arrived!

It has been an exciting journey over the past 5 years and we want to thank all our customers from all corners of the globe who have have helped us get to this 5th anniversary. Look forward to continuing to bring you new products including the new L4 and L6 power amplifiers slated for early this year - and speaking to many of you again in 2009!

From the Wikipedia " Audiophile - is an audio reproduction enthusiast, who typically listens to music on high-end audio electronics. Audiophiles try to listen to music at a quality level that is as close to the original performance as possible. They use high-fidelity components to try to attain these goals. Many are music lovers who are passionate about high-quality music reproduction. DIY audio enthusiasts build their own equipment, especially loudspeakers."

I love that last line- this was the definition of an audiophile on the Wikipedia !

October 15, 2008

AudioNotekits exhibited at the RMAF2008 show in beautiful Denver Colorado this past weekend. We had a fantastic time with many people coming through the room to hear the gear and ask questions and play their favorite music. We brought the new transformer coupled DAC2.1 Level C along with the new L3 MkII Line & L3 Remote pre-amplifiers.

The new EL34 Prototype was playing for the Friday and half of Saturday. This is our new Power Amplifier offering which we will be calling the L4 series. This stereo power amp will be a juicy 35W per channel. We have a large Mundorf M-cap in the power supply. The design is modular such that you will build and test one channel at a time - the unit boasts very high quality output transformers desgined by Andy Grove along with the entire circuitry. We plan to follow this with our L6 Series Mono Block version which will boast 70W per channel and we plan to have available in kit form in 2009.

After our listening sessions with the EL34 we set up the Interstage Mono Blocks - parallel 300B -IE core. My source was a USB and a laptop for the first couple of days and then we were able to borrow an Audio Note transport for the last day!

Inside the DAC Kit 2.1 Level C

Inside the EL34 Prototype

I was amazed at all the people who came into the room and mentioned that they had once built a kit back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's - Hafler, Heathkit, Eico, Scott, Harmon Kardon Citation etc... Everyone was excited that AudioNoteKits is still making high quality tube amplifier and pre-amplifier kits in today's market!

Another very interesting response we got was from all the people interested in the higher power kits such as our soon to be announced L4 and L6 Series Power Amplifiers - Expecting to have product ready in the December and January time frames!

Thanks to all who visited - we will be back next year for sure with even more goodies!

July 17, 2008

Dear Friends,

I was hearing it from all directions that we had not updated the news section for quite a while - we are in the middle of summer and where has the time gone - my apologies indeed! Lots to report!

Latest DAC News
New DAC Kit 2.1 - Level C with Transformer Coupled Output

The new Transformer Coupled Output DAC2.1 Level C version offers the ultimate in DAC technology.

The signal path contains an input torrodial transformer - CS8414 receiver and AD1865 DAC chips configured for Audio Note's 1X oversampling - IV transformers between the digital and analog stages - separate digital and analog power supply sections - the 5687 Line stage driving the step down AN output transformers. This unit has extremely low output impedence which makes it very versatile in driving integrated amplifiers and pre-amp's. In DIY form it is the ultimate in DAC technology!

The DAC2.1 Level C will be available in several versions:

DAC2.1 Level C - IE Core Standard & Signature Versions
Either the standard or signature version will be ideal in driving a pre-amplifier or kit via an stereo RCA output.

DAC2.1 Level C - IE Core Balanced Standard & Signature Versions
Either the standard or signature version will be ideal in driving a balanced Pre-amplifier via XLR outputs or stereo RCA output.

DAC2.1 Level C - HI-B Core Balanced Signature
Using AudioNote's C Core output transformers this version will be ideal for driving a balanced Pre-amplifier via XLR outputs or stereo RCA output.

DAC Kit 2.0

Click on the image above to go to the DAC Kit 2.0 product page.
We have given the DAC Kit 1.1 a face lift and also added some nice new features and a new price. We are hoping that more kit builders can get into the Audio Note DAC sound at a lower price point and gradually work their way up.

The new DAC Kit 2.0 supports an optional USB input, signature digital board with torrodial input, PK black gates and analog filter removal - the sound is stunning!

The new DAC Kit 2.0 kit is available now - this unit starts at 750.00 USD and is an ideal entry level Audio Note 1X oversampling DAC. The sound is stunning at this level and an easy build! We build and test the digital board and you simply install! We provide a TEST CD to make sure all is well and we are here for any support required! We will ensure a successful build!

Ideal for use with a computer via the USB module or a 75ohm rca cable and a digital transport. The unit comes with the signature digital board from the DAC2.1 line - boasting a torrodial input transformer, PK Black Gates, CS8414 receiver, analog filter removal - It is an ideal platform for future ugrades into the DAC Kit 2.1 line where the sky's the limit with IV transformers, M2 Power supply, transformer coupled output! Even as an entry level unit the sound of the new DAC Kit 2.0 will amaze.

L3 Pre-Amp Mk 2
The new L3 transformer-coupled Pre-amplifier product range has expanded - Andy Grove has designed a new output transformer for the DAC with all the same features but we have removed the Balanced XLR option - This allows us to offer the new L3 at a lower price point and allows many of you to now enter into the world of transformer coupled pre-amplification - Audio Note style!

You can order the new L3 without Balanced O/P, with Balanced O/P and with HI-B output transformers.

Pot and Attenuator Options for the L3 and L2 pre-amplifiers
Many customers have requested the pre-amplifiers with either specific attenuators of their choice - so we have custom drilled the chassis now to support a variety of different pots from various manufacturers.

The Pots and attenuators (stereo and mono configurations) can now be purchased with the kit or separately - for example DACT, ELMA, GoldPoint, KO-ON are now supported.

DACT Extender Kit for L3 Pre-amplifier
We have now made the DACT extender kit standard with the L3 Line kit - this brings the selector switch to the back of the chassis - very short leads now go between the RCA's and the selector and then 1 shielded cable travels to the Attenuator section - this greatly improves the performance of the L3 Pre-amp.

Remote Control for the L3 Remote Pre-amplifier
I would also like to announce the new L3 Remote Pre-amplifier coming in August. You can order the new very high-end Remote Control that Audio Note use for volume, selection, and Balance.

This new remote control comes with three pre-built and tested boards; a rear control board, the main relay section, and a front panel display - with transluscent faceplate.

EL34 Push Pull

Since I started AudioNote Kits in co-operation with Audio Note, Andy Grove has been telling me about a "must" kit - the EL34 push pull power / integrated amplifier. The plan was to design a good tube amplifier kit with 30W of EL34 power, plenty of punch and raw tube sound.

I must admit I was blown away when I heard the prototype - "the secret is that we have designed and build extremely good output transformers that have been tweaked and matched perfectly to the audio circuit" - Andy admitted to me. He went on to say that a lot of push pull amps get a bad reputation because they are not designed that well - the feedback characteristics have to be precise and its more than just math. The transformer design need to be spot on and designed to match the circuit precisely - its real lab tweaking and listening to get it all right!

This amp I think will be very popular with people listening to - modern music - 70's classic rock - old vinyl - replace your current solid state rig with the tube amp and be prepared to be blown away - Available in September - the unit will be housed in a chassis similar to the pre-amp but taller. You will be able to run a pre-amplifier with it and use as a power amp or buy it as an integrated amplifier with a 6SN7 line stage!

L2 Line / Phono Kit
The L2 Line Kit has been shipping in both phono and line versions for the last couple of months - Planning to offer an optional 6SN7 line stage or dual 12AU7 line with the kit!

The phono stage has been proving very successful with vinyl fans!

December 24, 2007

What a great year it has been. We brought the new mono blocks from a vision to a fantasic released product - the new Step Up kit has been lauched and has introduced us to a whole new group of vinyl audiophiles. We have several new projects on the go to be announced in 2008 - Our newsletter has been a big success with signups from people all around the world - we have released 4 newsletters now and expect to continue on a monthly basis throughout the next year.

We are going into out 5th year at AudioNote Kits. I often look back at the humble beginnings and where we are today - A big thankyou to the many customers who have got us to this point with their multiple kit builds, feedback, suggestions, points of view, and general good humour to keep us sane as we have built up to this now expansive product line. Jasmine is growing too!

We had a large amount of orders in December and I want to thank all those who ordered kits - We are working through the back log and expect to have everything shipped by the first week of January!

I will be heading to CES/THE Show in Las Vegas which will be held January 7-10th and I will be found either at the Audio Note room or wondering the show floor! If you want to meet up send me an email as I will be checking email during the show!

2008 will be very exciting as I plan to launch a new series of amplification products and add exciting enhancements to the Pre-amplifier, Phono, and DAC lines! I hope that more people can get involved with the audio hobby that we all enjoy!

Once again thanks to all of you and look forward to chatting and emailing with many of you again in 2008!

Merry Christmas to all!

Brian Smith

October 23, 2007

Hello Friends

Wanted to update everyone on a couple of new items on the go.

Firstly, thanks for signing up for the newsletter. We have over a hundred participants and will be writing a first news letter shortly. I was going to have a customer input section on various topics. If anyone has some interesting information on various topics I will include some excerpts. For example, I would be interested in hearing what people have to say about "Favorite vinyl Recordings" - which vinyls really standout as being superbly recorded!

The next order of business to discuss is some name changes that we have had to implement on the kits (and rightly so).

We are changing the name of the M3 Line kit, M3 Phono and M2 Pre-amp to the L series - so basically we now have the:

L3 Line Pre-amplifier
L3 Phono Stage
L2 Pre-amplifier

The products are the same and we will continue to enhance them but the names have been changed so as not to clash with the finished product names. The reason for this is that the Audio Note dealers were getting a lot of questions such as "Is the M3 Line Kit the same as the finished product?" etc...

What I have tried to do working with Audio Note is create high quality products using the finished product circuits along with newly designed circuits - mixing and matching, building prototypes, and testing to come up with very high quality products. For example the L3 Pre-amplifier kit is made up of M3 Line circuitry, M3 output transformers along with the M2 power supply (6X5/ECL82). The L3 Phono Stage uses the M3 phono stage (6072) based along with the M2 power supply - Nothing holding our customers back from jazzing up power supplies and signal boards to take these kits to the highest levels! This will be good in the long run as we will clearly distinguish between the Audio Note DIY and the finished products and we can all enjoy the Audio Note sound at what every price point.

Brian Smith

October 5, 2007

Hello Friends

I am back from my 3-week trip to Europe, which included stops at AudioNote UK, Milan Top Audio Show and the Norwegian HI-FI show. All in all it was great time and I had a chance to meet up with several customers, colleagues and distributors.

Before I go any further I want to introduce a new feature on the web site. We are introducing a Newsletter that we can send out to all subscribers periodically to inform about new products, sales, audio shows, customer support information, feedback, testimonials, etc. To sign up just go to the Subscription information block on the main index page or click HERE. We just ask for your name, e-mail address and whether or not you are an existing customer You will get an introductory e-mail and then we will be able to keep everyone updated on the latest kit activity. Of course all the information is private to AudioNote Kits.

Back to the trip - I spent a couple of days at the Audio Note factory and I had a chance to meet with my friends at Elephant Holdings (our Hong Kong distributor). We had some good discussions on kits and the strong DIY market in HK. We have just shipped over the first MonoBlock pairs to go along with their complete inventory of the kits for the HK market.

Travelling with Peter Qvortrup

A possible kit ????

Then it was a drive across the UK, France and Italy to the TOP audio show in Milan. I first attended this show in my first year of the kit business and I had a picture taken of me with the 211 finished product See the updated version above.

After the Milan show it was another week at the factory where I worked with Andy Grove on some mods and testing on the various kits along with some new ideas soon to be posted!

Our next show was the Norwegian HIFI show near Oslo where our distributors UPGRADE Audio had an impressive system set up including the new Parallel Double C core Mono Blocks with core interstage and all Black Gated out! The sound was amazing!

After buying up lots of parts for the new Phono kit and some others Peter wanted to thank me for doing such a great job with the Kit department of Audio Note over the last 4 years...

Thanks Brian!

So its back to work for October, November and December so feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail if you are interested in getting started on an AudioNote Kits project!

Brian Smith

July 27, 2007

Dear Audio Friends

Its summer time and I hope everyone is enjoying their vacations, the outdoors and the great weather ! I am managing to get out somewhat but also we have been working hard to bring a couple of new products to release! It's possibly the most exciting time we have had here at AudioNote Kits and really takes us to a whole new level of audio product offerings.

As you can see from the main web page we have just released the new InterStage Mono Blocks - the ultimate in SET technology - With the popularity of the Kit1 over the last decade I have had numerour requests for a power amp mono block.

Well we went one better and made the kit very versatile and based the design on an interstage transformer between the input tube and the output Triode - the results were staggering! Audio Note uses this technology in their highest level 211 finished product amplifiers! What a marvelous offering we now have for fans of the 2A3 and 300B

As mentioned, the kit is very versatile in that it can be built as a single Triode or a parallel triode. We have interchangeable chassis plates that are very stylish and allow you to customize your amplifier (and even change it any point). We also have a removable rear plate for mounting large power supply capacitors (2 cap & 3 cap).

We have a limited number of kits available until Oct 1 - Check the web page for pricing and configurations. Also we will make the Mono Block Manuals available for download later this week.

We have also just released the new M3 Phono Kit and we have been getting some amazing feedback- the M3 phono board is all silver hardwired and uses the the top of the line components - This kit is our ultimate offering in vinyl reproduction and when coupled with an M3 Line Pre-amp provides an ultimate pre-amp experience. We will be announcing our new Step-Up kit later in August which will provide a complete Moving Coil system for audiophiles. Enquire about half built kits - we can build the hardwired phono stage for you when ordering an M3 Phono kit. We have written a fantastic new manual for the M3 hardwiring which we will post on the M3 phono web page later this week .

With the release of the monoblocks AudioNote Kits is able to offer the finest amplication, pre-ampliers, DAC's, and speakers for the DIY audiophile - In other words for a reasonable budget a complete kit system of the highest quality can be built from scratch!

I am planning some new kits for next year - A transformer based Headphone kit with different impedances to accommodate different headphones - a possible transport kit to go along with our DAC products and 35W push pull mono block EL34 - If you have any thoughts or opinions on these new kits and the current new offerings feel free to drop us an email.

Thanks for all your support!

Brian Smith

June 9, 2007

Hello All,

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of the kit business!

I am pleased to announce an exciting new product offering that we have been working on hard in the background - the new M3 Phono Stage.

This kit is truly a vinyl lovers dream! We have taken the 6072/12AY7 Phono Stage used in the Audio Note M3 Pre-amplifier and made it available in DIY form.

The kit comes in our large M3 Line chassis and uses the 6X5/ECL82 M2 power supply. Separate 12v filaments are used to heat the input cascode stage and the output stage. The kit comes in standard versions with Beyschlag resistors and AN tin paper in oil caps and AN-A cable or you can stuff it with all the best quality components - Audio Note Copper capacitors, 1W or 1/2W tantalum resistors and AN-V cable for both input and output signals driving AN silver RCA's. The kit is really our highest end offering in Vinyl reproduction.

Our beta customers have been amazed at the overall quality of vinyl reproduction.

The M3 Phono Stage is the ultimate in Vinyl reproduction!

Combined with our M3 Line Stage we have an outstanding Pre-Amplifier section. Click here to check out our M3 Phono web page.

Thank you.

Brian Smith

May 9, 2007

Hello everyone - the winter has come and gone!

AudioNote Kits had a great winter season with a lot of kit product being shipped to all corners of the globe.

The DAC Kit 2.1 has been a huge hit for us and we are continually getting great feedback.

Back in December I went to the Audio Note UK factory to sit down and design the new Interstage Mono Block Kit.

The constraints that I had were that the kit must support 2A3 and 300B - It had to be a perfect match for the M3 transformer coupled pre-amplifier.

I also wanted to make it easily converted to a parallel 300B - Andy Grove had been mulling around a number of ideas over the last year over this kit so when we got together in December we both knew what we wanted. The first prototype was built on a kit1 chassis in December in the UK. Andy chose a 6SH7 input tube followed by a custom designed 1:1 interstage transformer. The 300B or 2A3 triode follows that along with the output transformer - Either the TRANS-152 IE core output transformer used in the famous Kit1 or the double C-core TRANS-300 used in the PQ kit. The interstage will also be available as an IE core or double C-core as we get going with production!

We have a small production run of chassis arriving middle of June and we are planning for general release of the IS Mono Block Kit in mid July time frame - stay tuned!

We are also announcing another new product - The M3 Phono Stage. Details to appear on a dedicated webpage that will be up in about 2 weeks with some nice pictures.

The new M3 Phono Stage is the same 6072 based circuit used in the famous M3 Pre-amplifier finished product - the new Phono stage will be available in 3 levels of part upgrades including a signature version in all tantalums and copper caps with black gates - the Phono stage has 40db of gain. We will also be releasing this product with optional internal step-ups for moving coil with 1:10 or 1:20 configurations - this can provide an overall 55db of gain approx for Moving coil setups! Stay tuned.

I also will have the new external step-up product available in about 2 months - Basically it will be a kit that you can wire up a pair of very high quality Audio Note step-ups in its own little chassis.

We just got back from the Lone Star Audio Fest - check out the pictures below:

Lone Star Show Update

We had a great time at the Lone Star Audio Fest in Dallas this weekend - thanks to everyone who stopped by.

We were showing off the latest AudioNote Kits system including the new Prototyp