October 2, 2006

Dear Friends

Hope you all had a great summer and Im looking forward to the fall season! Thanks to all the wonderful new customers that have built kits over the last several months.

It's been an exciting launch of the DAC 2.1 Kit this past summer. By the way as many of you know we have widened the holes in the DAC digital board so that we can fit in the popular N-series Black Gates. Customers have been doing this in the past are we are pleased to announce that we can now supply an enhanced signature digital board that replaces the PK Black Gates with N-Type Black Gates. We call this the Signature Extreme Digital Board. Please enquire about pricing.

Customers have been feeding back great reviews on this long awaited kit. We have now changed the rear faceplate such that we can support RCA, XLR, and USB inputs!

The new DAC Kit 2.1 Signature Extreme Digital Board with N-Type Black Gates.

We have made some enhancements to the MM Phono Stage (Kit1 Phono Stage) by moving it into the larger M3 Kit style chassis. The extra space gives us more separation from the power supply and also allows for future upgrades to the MC Step-ups that AudioNote Kits will be announcing before the end of the year Yes, the new PHONO-MC kit we expect to have available before Jan 1 2007! Meanwhile you can purchase the new MM Phono stage and later upgrade by adding the step-up transformers!

The Kit1 Phono Stage with my TT1 - a match made in heaven

The M3 Line Pre-Amplifier Kit has been very popular with many kit builders adding their own extreme upgrades and we are getting a nice community of M3 Line Builders.
Edwin Mass (our 2-Watt Man in the Netherlands) has been leading the charge on tweaks and modifications to the kit! I have enjoyed many long phone calls, which usually result in another order for a friend or some additional 2-Watt resistors!

Sorry for the long delay but as usual we have been working hard for all the kit customers and we will try and get you updated news on a regular monthly basis. As always feel free to drop us an email if you have any special requests or suggestions!

Brian Smith

May 9, 2006

Dear Audio Friends

Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm with the new kit offerings over the last couple of months. The new web site has been a lot of fun to get up and running and we have lots more planned for it. I am proud to say that we are now shipping out the DAC2.1 product.

We are in short supply of some of the parts at the moment so we are only selling complete DAC2.1s Level A and Level B versions.

DAC2.1 Upgrade kits are planned. The DAC2.1 product hopefully answers all the requests we have had over the last 2 years in the way of DAC upgrades and options the kit includes:

We would be interested in feedback with regards to providing half-built DAC 2.1 kits where we would populate the boards for you. You would need to install and perform the inter-wiring let us know if this is of interest.

We are moving to the large chassis for the Stand Alone Phono-MM Stage Kit. This way with our soon to be released Phono-MC with step up transformers will make for an easy upgrade.

The new Phono-MC product is coming soon! We are waiting for the final manufacturing stage of the step up transformers and some major testing at Audio Note Hoping to have this product available in the summer!

As you may have seen we are moving the PQ Kit1 to a 2A3/300B product. In other words it can be built either way and switched back and forth with about 10 minutes worth of soldering and some cathode resistor changes. We are now using the copper brackets as standard with the PQ Kit1. Check out the new look on the web site with the gold knobs and selector switch.

AudioNote Kits is planning on attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this year in Denver. The event is held in October and we would like to have a complete product line on display at the show including speaker kit 03, Kit1 & PQ Kit1 2A3/300B, stand-alone phono stages, Balanced Line-Only and PQ pre-amplifiers!

Thanks for all your support and look forward to hearing your feedback

Brian Smith

March 27, 2006


Welcome to the new AudioNote Kits web site. After two years of building the web site on my own I am now working with a professional web developer to provide a high quality web site for all the AudioNote Kit fans. Along with the new web site we have been busy working on several new products:

The PQ Pre-Amplifier kit is now shipping and coming down the pipe shortly is the new DAC 2.1 Kit.

Since we started AudioNote Kits we have been asked on a weekly basis for Dac kit upgrades, tube power supply, I/V transformers, ECC88 analog - We expect this kit to answer all those needs! We will be releasing a limited batch of ten kits in the next 6 weeks or so.

Following that we will be offering a DAC 2.1 upgrade kit for all DAC 1.1 owners The upgrade will include all the necessary new parts to upgrade your DAC Kit 1.1 to the DAC Kit 2.1 version.

The Balanced Pre-Amplifier is now ready for production and we have made further enhancements to the PHONO-MM stage. Stay tuned for some nice pics of the externals and internals of these kits.

Brian Smith

January 20, 2006

ces2006.jpg - 92323 Bytes

Greetings Audio Friends, Here I am in the AudioNote Room at the CES show this past month in sunny Las Vegas.The leather jacket is just for effect!

Time to get back to work however for all the kit enthusiasts! I expect to have the 2A3 amplifier available for release in mid February - We have two working prototypes - one in Canada and one in the UK -Both are sounding marvelous and look forward to getting them in the hands of kit builders soon.

The PHONO-MC unit is slated for a limited beta release around the end of February. As with the Balanced Line kit we will be selling a small beta batch of about 5 units. The PHONO-MC will be housed in the larger "Balanced Line" Chassis. The unit will be using two new Step up transformers with a 1:20 and 1:10 step up configurations which cover the spectrum for MC cartridges. They have been specially designed and tested at AudioNote UK specifically for this product. I am expecting the Basic version to start around 1400USD due to the high quality of the new no-compression Step Up transformers being used. Signature versions of this unit will be in the $1799. We will have some special pricing for the Beta run which we expect to announce in mid February.

The new PQ - Pre-Amplifier is now also going to be using the M2 Power Supply. Chassis are being delivered around the end of January and we will be taking orders shortly afterwards. Pricing to be posted shortly.
Pheww.... as you can see lots going on ...... and last but not least the Balanced Line Kit will be available for production when out new chassis batch arrives in a couple of weeks! Thanks for all your support! and look forward to an exciting 2006

Brian Smith

January 2, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone - I have spent the better part of last month at AudioNote UK where we have been working behind the scenes on a number of Kit products - This looks to be a very exciting few months coming up! First order of business will to release the Balanced Line Kit - Our Beta team scattered through out the world have been working hard over December building their kits and providing feedback . I expect to be able to release the production version later this month

We will also release a limited number of the new Kit1 - 2A3. We finished development of it in December and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the prototype - the amp was amazing..... (more details to come)

Our new PQ Pre-Amplifier kit will be introduced later this month. All this combined with my trip to CES means that it will be a very busy January! I'll be at the AudioNote room at the Lexis Park hotel for anyone of you visiting the show! Stay tuned for updates on this news page over the next couple of weeks


News previous to this has been archived over to other pages. Click the link below to view the archived news.

November 24, 2005

For those of you who are regular visitors to our AudioNote Kits web page you will notice that we have been making alot of changes in the Pre-Amplifier area - we improved the original pre-amp kit, introduced a new Standalone Phono Stage and a new Balanced Line Pre-Amplifier product which uses AudioNote output transformers.

The original AudioNote Pre-Amplifier kit (developed mid 90's) was one of the original products that we started AudioNoteKits with in Jan 2004. Soon after we came out with a Signature Version where we provided high quality components i.e. tantulum resistors, copper caps, AN-V silver wire , noble pots etc due to customer requests for upgrades etc.... We received lot's of feedback from customers during this time about what they liked and felt could be improved with the kit - At the same time a new larger excellent (& dead quiet) Mains transformer (TRANS - 0103) came out of AudioNote UK to adhere to new European Electrical standards - Due to its size we had to move the positioning of the mains and choke so that they did not cause interference with the phono section

I brought the original Pre-amp kit to AudioNote UK engineering for a week last March and Andy Grove and I went through the sonics , grounding and positioning - Andy made several design changes to improve sonics and elimate hum and noise - I was very pleased with the results and we basically called the new Pre-Amplifier Kit the 2.0 version. I added a metal shield in the kit as you may have seen on the web page and new instructions for kit builders. The Pre-Amp kit was now a very good product but was getting difficult to build and very cramped inside the chassis.

We were also finding that many customers were hardwiring their own RCA's into the kit and removing the ribbon cable that we used for the line inputs. So we wanted to move to hardwired AN silver RCA's in the kit. Also the tape out function was becoming obsolete and required an additional selector, therefore I wanted to remove the second selector switch and replace it with a single high quality ELMA selector. We also wanted to use a high quality copper or silver wire for the connections between the selector switch and the RCA's

switch.jpg - 18766 Bytes

With all these design considerations taken into account we are pleased to announce an outstanding new product for kit builders.

IMG_7017fix.jpg - 68428 Bytes

The new product we are calling the "AudioNote PQ Pre-Amplifier ". It will also be available in Standard and Signature Version's. Pricing ,availablity and Configurations/Upgrades will be posted in January 2006 and we are looking to have kits available at the very end of January.

frontcut1.jpg - 23693 Bytes

IMG_7015fix.jpg - 78113 Bytes

Other new products for early 2006 include the Kit1 2A3, Phono-MC Standalone in large chassis, and DAC1.1 Signature with newly designed I/V transformers!

Visit the web page for the new Pre-Amplifier kit at PQ Pre-Amplifier Web page Thanks for your support Regards Brian Smith

November 14, 2005

UPDATE - The beta program for the new Balanced Line Kit is full but dont despair -the production units will be available in mid to late January (as soon as you finish paying off those Christmas bills). Let us know if you would like to reserve a production unit when it becomes available. I'll be spending a couple of weeks in the Uk working on the new Kit1 2A3 - When we come back the first of January I expect to have a few suprises that should make 2006 a very exciting year for audiophiles. Thanks to all the customers taking part in the Line Kit beta program!

Brian Smith

November 3, 2005

UPDATE - The long awaited Balanced Line Kit beta period is available now -Enquire on email if you are interested in building this new kit - We are taking orders now and will be shipping around the December 1st.

There are about 7 or 8 kits available for this period with your choice of Hi-B or I/E output AN transformers.Picture below shows the new Phono Stage Kit beside the new Balanced Line Kit. Check out the web page at Balanced Line Page

phonolinecut1.jpg - 11261 Bytes

November 1, 2005

I notice how time flies in the kit world when I look at how much time has passed since my last update. It was a very busy summer for AudioNote Kits - At a time when I thought most kit builders were enjoying the sunny outdoors we were getting orders and requests for all sorts of kit products!

I will be over at AudioNote UK around the second week of December where we will be doing the final engineering on the new Kit1 2A3. We will also be working on some new kit designs for 2006.

The current phono stage product has been a great success and many kit builders have given us fantastic feedback on the phono stage. Check out Phono Stage Web Page for the latest reviews etc...

This week will be exciting as we will be receiving the new chassis's for the Line - Only Balanced Pre-Amplifier. This product will be using a 5687 M3 line stage along with our M2 power supply ( same as the Phono Kit) I expect to have an IE Core version along with a HI-B core version - Expect an update this week on pricing , delivery etc.. for the new Balanced Line Stage.

We have designed a new Step Up transformer for Phono Kit and in early 2006 we will be releasing the new Phono-MC kit. The kit will sit in the same size chassis as the new Line Stage ( 80mm wider than standard ) and will house the current phono kit along with a pair of step up transformers designed specifically for the kit. This kit will have both MM and MC inputs

We are once again revamping the Pre-Amplifier Kit - We made a number of sonic/ grounding improvements to the kit with the 2.0 version this year- The New Pre-Amplifier Signature Kit Mk2 will now sit in the 80mm wider chassis so there will be a lot more room to work with - We will have the metal shield dividing the power supply and phono sections . We are also removing the tape in/ tape out and just using one high quality ELMA selector switch on the front panel that will be hardwired from the discrete AN silver RCA's on the back of the chassis. THis product will be available for shipping by the end of November. Expect some pics on the site in the next week along with the Line Only kit

Thanks to every one for your support and feedback.
Brian Smith

August 10, 2005

Dear Friends,

Sorry for the long delay between updates. We have been busy behind the scenes working on many of the kit products.


We have just introduced the new "Kit1 Phono Stage". A very high quality phono only stage (RIAA)that is ideal with the Kit1 or Kit2. Since the Kit1 is a line integrated amplifier the phono only pre-amp converts the phono signal to a line level ideal for the Kit1. The power supply is second to none for kit builders borrowing from the AudioNote finished product world using a 6X5 rectifier along with an ECL82 for voltage regulation. We have separate filament supplies for the 12aX7 cascode phono input stage and the 12au7 output stage. In between we use a passive RIAA filter on the phono stage. The gain of the phono stage is 32db or a voltage gain of 43x.

New Kits that are planned for this year are the Kit1 - 2A3 model. It will be basically the same as the Kit1 300B but using the audiophile ultra low power favorite 2A3 tube.

We have made a number of enhancements to the Pre-Amplifier Kit and have re-introduced it as the new Pre-Amp Kit 2.0. Andy Grove made a number of tweaks to enhance the sonic qualities in the phono, line stages ,positioning of components and grounding strategies to reduce any hum or noise - We now have an ultra quiet pre-amplifier with superb sonic qualities.

Check out Paul Brooke's audio web site which includes an extensive writeup on his recent PQ Signature build - Thanks Paul!


We have become very proficient at the AudioNote E speaker cabinets that you can purchase from us- This has made the speaker kit now something obtainable by any kit builder - Buying the speaker cabinets along with the speaker kit 02 or 03 makes for for a very simple installation and setup - You will be listening to your new speakers within an hour of your package arriving.

leftcab.jpg - 3689 Bytes rightcab.jpg - 2840 Bytes

Shipping is quite reasonable - Approx 100US to ship the two cabinets anywhere in North America.

February 18, 2005

Dear Friends,

I'd like to welcome all the new customers who have purchased amplifier kits this year. We have re-introduced the Kit2 amplifier. I got a hold of all the parts at the end of last year and we built one here and it sounded amazing. Very similar to the kit1 but with that 6550 feel to it - The single ended sound shines through - Check out the kit2 page and the price list page for more info on the Kit2 amplifier - If you are thinking of a kit1 and your speakers are not very efficient then I would suggest the Kit2 is the amplifier for you - very powerful at 12W of single ended sound - Extraordinary for vinyl!

Last year we introduced the PQ Signature which is basically a kit1 with all the upgraded components along with the AudioNote Double C core output transformers. It comes in around 3100USD . We have just introduced its baby brother - the PQ Kit1 which is basically the same amplifier but with some of the component upgrades removed . Therefore at $2499 you can purchase this extremely high end kit at a more affordable starting point - Then you can add in the upgrades over time. This kit comes with the silver hard wiring option aswell.!

We have introduced the new online Kit1 manual. Its divided up into about 16 sections that are all view able in pdf format on the web. See an example of the new manual on the kit1 page . Where as the old manual was mainly text based with drawings - we undertook the task of building a kit1 from scratch and photographin each of the steps - It has proved very successfull and people are finding it a breeze to build the kit now with all the color photos. We can also ship a CD with the kit now that has a whole load of hi res pics of the build process that you can view on your computer for very detialed views of a built kit!

A large shipment of parts from AudioNote is arriving on these shores in early March and we will be well stocked with all the kits including the high efficiency speaker kits. We have also gone ahead and built about 10 sets of cabinets that we can ship either flat packed or built along with a speaker kit for North American customers. They are available until stock runs out.

The Signature Pre-Amplifier is very popular with all the high grade parts - Check out the Pre-Amplifier page for some great new shots of the kit during the build process.

We have a good stock of Kit4 parts now and if you are thinking of building your first kit and want awesome tube sound then this is the kit for you - It was the first kit I built and I still listen to it regularily. For some reason alot of people from France buy the Kit4 - Its plenty powerful and will drive most any speaker set.

We have sold out of our original DAC supply but should be in stock in a couple of weeks with the popular DAC1.1 kit. Expect to be shipping in early March.

Final Note - I will be travelling to AudioNote around March 15th t ostrategize on a number of new products with AudioNote engineering. therefore AudioNote kits will not be able to ship any product until our return in early April. If you are thinking of a kit in march please order by the week of March 7th at the latest. Otherwise we will be back shipping again early April.

Thanks to all the customers who have supported our kit business and look forward to speaking with all of you through out the year

Brian Smith

Jan 4, 2005

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to all our customers and prospective clients.

This should be a fantastic new year for the kit business as we have several exciting new product kits in the works.

We are also well stocked on all standard and upgrade parts for regular kits and signature models.

I'll be attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 7-9 and you should be able to find me.

at the AudioNote room. Just ask for me - Brian Smith of AudioNote Kits - if you would like to meet up.

Brian Smith

Dec 20, 2004

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas to all my many audio friends that I have met all over the world this year.

That's my daughter posing with some of the kit stuff around the Christmas tree - I think she'll be alot happier when the all the real presents come out! But for a kit builder - this would seem like a great bundle from Santa.

jasmine_xmas.jpg - 136357 Bytes

Thanks to everyone who has bought an AudioNote kit this year! Its been fascinating to see the list of countries that we have shipped to. It goes something like this : Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Poland, Latvia, Germany, France, Norway, UK, Spain.... I have had the chance to speak to many knowledgeable audio people from all over the world and I've come to realize that we are all similar - no matter what language we speak , what we look like or where we live - This hobby has a universal appeal!

Sept 28, 2004

Dear Audio Friends

We have been very busy since the last news update. We've just finished building both the Speaker kit 02 and speaker kit 03 and have been able to compare the results - The soundstage is huge with these wonderful speakers when positioned correctly - I found the speakers loved old vinyl and seemed to create a real feeling of warmth and clarity with old jazz records and classical. The resonating wood added alot of feeling to my acoustic recordings on CD. Both speakers have a wonderful delicate sound that brings out all the detail in recordings - The speaker kit 03 is outstanding with tons of volume (98db efficiency) and matches very well with a kit1. We have been offering flat packed speaker cabinets for awhile now and we are now offering pre-built cabinets that you can buy with the speaker kit. Here's a completed set

1_98db.jpg - 41475 Bytes

We have also recieved the first set of trans300 output transformers from AudioNote where they are made and we are in the process of putting together a PQ Signature Kit. This kit has been very popular even with the whopping price tag! Should have some completed pics soon.

PQSIG.jpg - 69083 Bytes

We have recenlty stocked up on upgrades for the kit1 and the pre-amp - So if you are interested in either of these products we can supply the signature upgrades which include Tantulum Resistors, AN copper caps ,black gate capacitors and Silver wire.

ongaku.jpg - 49354 Bytes

That's me playing with the high end AudioNote amplifiers at the Italian Audio Show held in September in Milan

Also the Kit2 is ready for shipping - It will be added to the price list shortly. This is the 6550 based single ended amplifer - based on the kit1 and priced at 1299 with stainless chassis. It delivers almost double the power of the Kit1 - the pics are coming shortly.

We have also scheduled the DAC 1.1 kit design work for the following upgrades - Rectified Tube Power supply with new Mains transformer , I'V transformer between Digital and analog PCB's, TRANS 011 output transformers. All these upgrades will be based around the DAC1.1 kit and we are hoping to make a lot of progress before the end of the year - stay tuned!

August 1, 2004

Dear Audio Enthusiasts

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting outside more! Thanks to all the great customers who have purchased kits over these summer months. We are still busy working on improving all aspects of the kits. As you can see the new and improved Kit1 with the stainless steel chassis is proving very popular. The kit1 now comes standard with ELNA cerafine electrolytics. Our new Kit1 manual is due out in a couple of weeks complete with lots of color pics of the build process.

kit1news.jpg - 55349 Bytes

We have made efforts to improve the Kit4. If you are thinking about building your first tube amplifier then the Kit4 is a lot of fun to build. Its a push pull configuration running about 10 watts and using a minimum of feedback (10%). The sound is great and your CD collection will warm up considerably with the sweet sounding 6V6 tubes. This is a great way to get acquainted with kit building and a chance to enjoy that wonderful tube sound. Send me an email to enquire about the latest Kit4 pricing and the upgrade kit that goes with it.

AudioNote Kits will be closed for a week during the middle of September while I am travelling in Europe and attending the Italian audio show in Milan. Look forward to meeting any of you who can make it there.

Brian Smith

June 19, 2004

Dear Audio Enthusiasts

Its been a busy month at AudioNote Kits! We have just completed a production chassis run for Kit1, Kit4 and the Pre-amplifier Kit. The Kit1 now comes in stainless steel and black powder coated versions. The Kit1 Signature chassis (stainless only) is 35mm wider than a standard Kit in order to accept the larger AudioNote TRANS300 output transformers. It is expected for delivery around the 2nd week of July.

AudioNote Kits is now up on the AudioAsylum so if you have questions or experiences you would like to discuss with other kit builders or the kit people from AudioNote please post your messages at www.audioasylum.com

New!!!! We have added Flat Packed Cabinet pieces for the AudioNote E speaker kit. There is a tremendous amount of work in cutting these pieces accurately in order to have a professional looking and sounding speaker kit project. We provide instructions on glueing the cabinets together and installing the electrical components

IMG_1835.jpg - 35230 Bytes IMG_1839.jpg - 20109 Bytes

AudioNote Kits is well stocked with DAC's, Kit4's, Pre-Amplifiers and of course the Kit1 for July/August time frame - let us know if we can ship you a kit!

Brian Smith
June 25, 2004

April 27, 2004

Dear Audio enthusiasts

AudioNote Kits has been operating now since the first of the year 2004. I would like to thank all the people who have enquired about the kits over these last couple of months and to some of the new customers who have purchased kit1's , kit4's pre-amps and DAC kit's over these four months.

Thanks for your patience as we have been trying to deliver a high quality kit product to all of you. Your feedback is important and appreciated. Its been a busy couple of months with two trips to the AudioNote factory in the UK and many discussions with AudioNote president Peter Q.

We are close to being fully stocked for a good quantity of kit1-4,dac's and pre-amps. I've been busy cleaning up the chassis designs for the kits ( increasing the depth of kit1 for upgrades, prototyping a stainless steel version, adding countersunk screw holes etc.) I have a new production run of chassis going through as of this writing. I'm planning to introduce the new Signature Version of the Kit One shortly , which will come standard with all the upgrades (Black Gates, Tantulum Resistors, Silver AN interconnect, gold valve bases,AudioNote silver or copper signal caps and more exotic output transformers. This kit will come standard with Chrome transformer covers. Should be gorgeous!

Shortly we will be announcing a number of Pre-amp & DAC 1.1 upgrades that will allow you to take both products to a whole new level. Also planning to introduce a new chassis for the kit3. This the parallel single ended 300B amplifier delivering around 18 Watts of single ended sound. The new chassis will be a more slendor classic mono block style.

While I was at AudioNote I found a kit2 that had been built by an AudioNote employee. The wiring job was so well done I had to take some pictures for kit enthusiasts to try and emulate. See the pics posted on the Kit2 page.

I also got a chance to meet with Peter and discuss strategies over a bottle of wine and some old vinyl.

Brian Smith
April 27, 2004

hazelvisits04 050.jpg - 63713 Bytes