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Welcome to the ANK Audiokits Support Page. We are here to help you with your kit - Before, During and After your Build!

Upon receiving your kit you will want to check your parts against the parts list inserted in each kit bag. We have checked off all your parts but it's a good idea to double check that all your parts are there. If there are any discrepancies, please email us and we will get them shipped right out to you or we will explain why there is a replacement part of substituted value.

During the construction of your kit there are several avenues of support Feel free to email us at audionotekits@rogers.com or phone 613 822 7188. During the build period we will be very aware of your urgency and will answer all your questions and guide you along to success. If you have a less urgent question and would like the opinion of other kit builders you can go to our FORUM that is linked at the top of this page and ask a general question to previous builders.

We include a TEST CD with each kit now that has a 1Khz sin wave on it that will help us help you debug your kit at any time.

We have also just completed a DVD that addresses basic issues such as soldering skills, tinning, hardwiring, heatshrinking etc. This DVD is shipped with each kit.

We are currently making a DVD about the electrical aspects of the kits so that you can understand the basics of AC and DC voltages, how the amplifiers and pre-amplifiers basically work, and how you can make measurements on your kit to ensure correct operation etc.

We are always striving to improve the manuals and details of each kit Feel free to provide us with any suggestions in these matters and we will be happy to incorporate your ideas. If you have some good pictures of a particular aspect of a kit that you feel could use a little more clarity feel free to send it along. We have the manuals in pdf form and feel free to email us if you would like to look at the pdf version on-line.

With some of the kits, such as the PHONO-MM kit, we include a CD of high-res pictures of the hardwiring of the phono board so that you can view in extraordinary detail the build process!

We hope to add more and more pics of the different kits on CD this year.

Best of luck with your kit and remember we are here to help!

Brian Smith
Company Director

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