L2 Pre-amplifier Support
Support Information

Manual Enhancements and Addendums

Note: This information currently relates only to the L2 Pre-amplifier Mk1. The Mk2 version does not yet have any enhancements or addendums to its manual.

We have included a couple of documents here in PDF format that you should check over before beginning on your L2 Pre-amplifier build. Some of these are last minute updates that may supercede certain manual content.

Note that these will open in a new window, so please ensure that pop-ups are enabled for this site.

L2 Pre-Amplifier Overview

This PDF document provides an overview of the following:

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L2 Pre-Amplifier Manual Updates

We have a few changes and enhancements/clarifications that we have added to the L2 Pre-Smplifier Manual Please review this manual before starting on the actual kit build to familiarize yourself with the changes.

Summary of changes:

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